Illustrative photo of a Songo.


Songo is a traditional Cameroonian match played in the central and southern regions of the country.

The match is played by 2 players and requires flawless tactics and strategical thinking

It is played on a board of 2x7 holes; every hole contains 5 pawns. Each player controls the row on his side of the board.

The match is played clockwise, from right to left. On his turn a player distributes the contents of one of his holes, one by one, into the ensuing holes. When an opponent's hole contains 2,3 or 4 pawns, you get to "eat" his box.

The match ends when one of the players "ate" at least 40 pawns; when there are less than 10 pawns left to play or when the player who must play no longer has pawns on his side.

To play

This application offers you exceptional playing conditions with real-time movements made by the 2 players. The application guides you through the match and allows you to only play by the rules.

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